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Members of the SAMS team

Ashford and St Peter's Hospitals are delighted to announce that the Multidisciplinary Senior Adult Medical Services (SAMS) Team have been recognised in a number of categories at the annual Patient Experience Network National Awards (PENNA) for their ‘What Matters to You’ programme.

This project was introduced by the team to support individualised patient care, encouraging and supporting more meaningful conversations between staff and patients and focusing on the issues that matter most to people whilst in hospital. One of the aspects of this is signs placed above the patient’s bed which are changed daily, highlighting the personal things that are important to people. These signs have been used to create a vibrant wall design which runs down the corridor of the ward to promote understanding and awareness of the scheme.

The team won the award for ‘Measuring, Reporting and Acting’, and were Runner Up for the ‘Communicating Effectively with Patients and Families’ award. They were also finalists in the ‘’Integration and Continuity of Care’, ‘Personalisation of Care’, ‘Staff Engagement and Improving Staff Experience’ and ‘Using Insight for Improvement-Accessibility of Services’ awards.

This fantastic achievement is recognised by Consultant Emma Wilkinson, who says; ‘I am so proud of all the Multidisciplinary Team that have contributed to the success of this project, particularly during busy times of pressure on the ward. It has been a sustained transformation - an ethos change that could not have been achieved without every member of the team buying into it. These awards are for everyone that has been part of the journey and hopefully provide a better experience for patients and colleagues alike, thank you!’

Pictured above are some of the Senior Adult Medical Services Team at Ashford and St Peter's Hospitals


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