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North West Surrey Alliance Community Portal

North West Surrey Health and Care Alliance (NWS Alliance) is a recently formalised partnership of local health and care organisations who have come together to take a different approach to helping people to live happy and healthy lives. We serve the populations of Elmbridge, Runnymede, Spelthorne and Woking.

We seek to tackle some of the most significant health and care challenges facing people in North West Surrey, transforming the way we operate our services to meet the challenges posed to a 21st century health system. We believe we can achieve more by working together and we are committed to joining up health and care services and considering all of a person’s health, wellbeing and social care needs.

As the Alliance we have joined together and are using an innovative community platform to recognise that following the Covid-19 pandemic, we can achieve so much through working together to support each other and our local residents. Communities have been indispensable and continue to be so.

For the first phase of this project, we are focusing on supporting children and young people to achieve in Surrey, from birth through adolescence and education is a key to support health and wellbeing for all. Therefore, through a comprehensive approach we aim to support families with practical and emotional support, provision of opportunities for work placements and work experience to increase aspirations and develop children for a future Surrey workforce. Ensuring wraparound support for those who are at risk of being disadvantaged, through whatever reason, aims to allow young people to meet their full potential

The Alliance has partnered with Coram Life Education and Home Start Elmbridge, who are raising funds to give children and young people in North West Surrey the best start in life, supporting their welfare, mental health and education. If you’d like to help, please go to: https://thealliance-nwsurrey.co.uk/


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