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Medication will be reviewed whilst you are in hospital and when you are ready to be discharged you will receive at least two weeks supply of new items prescribed during your stay.

Please ensure that you have adequate supplies of routine medication at home to use following discharge. On your discharge nursing staff will explain your medication to you and you will be given a copy of the letter being sent to your GP giving details of your treatment during admission plus any relevant after care advice.

Nurses caring for you will carry out regular drug rounds. If you need painkillers or other medication at times that do not fit in with the ward drug round please ask the nurse looking after you.

A pharmacist comes to the ward each day to check prescription charts and is happy to answer any questions you may have about your medication.

Below are some answers to questions that patients, relatives and carers often ask. However if you need further information or would like find out more ask about your condition or plans for your care and treatment, please let the Ward Manager know and they will ensure you speak with the appropriate member of staff.

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Protecting Your Online Privacy

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