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Trust Members enjoyed an excellent afternoon in early September with a set of talks covering the popular subject of Diet and Nutrition.

The talks were given by members of the Dietetics team at Ashford and St Peter’s, which comprises 25 dietitians led by Liz Hedges. Liz started the presentations with a talk on 'Introducing Dietetics' and she also summed up at the end. Three of her colleagues, Vanessa Ridland, Julie Fleming and Laura Clancy, respectively talked about 'Nutrition in the News', 'Sugar and Fats - Good or Bad?' and 'Dementia Prevention through Diet'.

The topics covered had been guided by feedback from Members of the things they would like to hear about. The talks covered a very wide range with something of interest for everyone. All present probably picked up some useful advice which may change their eating habits for the better, together with useful handouts to take away. Among many things we learnt about were:

  • Florence Nightingale's influence on hospital food;
  • The difference between dietitians and nutritionists;
  • The value of polyphenols and anti-oxidants;
  • Why not to believe many things you read in newspapers about 'superfoods' and advice from so-called 'dietary experts';
  • Why lard is not as bad as you think it is;
  • The importance of a balanced diet to guard against the diseases of old age;
  • Why for most people if you have a good diet vitamin supplements are unnecessary.

The big message that came out was that everyone should eat a balanced set of foodstuffs similar to the so called Mediterranean diet. This was brilliantly summarised on the colourful single sheet 'Eatwell Guide' which was available to take away and also emailed out after the talk.

A very big thank you to all the presenters who made this a very engaging and illustrative set of talks together with the excellent Q&A session at the end.

Steve McCarthy
Public Governor for Elmbridge
September 2016


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