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Clinical staff taking in a ward area

Meetings of the Council of Governors

Council of Governors Meetings

The next meeting of the Council of Governors will take place on Wednesday 3rd March 2021, 4 to 6pm, via Microsoft Teams.


Minutes of the meeting held on 2nd December 2020 Agree Andy Field Paper 3.1
Feedback by Governors      
Governor Activities Note Danny Sparkes Paper 5.1
Patient Experience Group Report Note Chris Howorth Paper 5.2
Assurance Report Assurance Suzanne Rankin Paper 6.1
Performance Report Discussion James Thomas Paper 6.2
Constitution Group Committee Minutes Agree Andy Field Paper 7.1
Urgent and Emergency Care Development Discussion Meyrick Vevers
Tom Smerdon
Health and Well-being Update including well-being support during continued pressures Discussion Marcine Waterman
Louise McKenzie
Maternity – Ockenden Report Note Jane Dale
Andrea Lewis
Surrey Safe Care Note Chris Ketley
Simon Marshall
Alliance Agreement Note Neil Hayward
Tom Smerdon
Paper 8.5


Meetings in 2021

  • Wednesday 2nd June 2021, 4 - 6pm.



Council of Governor Meeting Past Papers

You can download the items discussed at previous meetings below:

href="https://www.ashfordstpeters.info/corporate/membership/6734-council-of-governors-meeting-3rd-march-2021">March 2021

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