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St Peter’s Medical Examiner’s Office launched its service with the Princess Alice Hospice and Woking Sam Beare Hospice back in February 2021.

We have now fully rolled out our referral service to both hospices for reviewing patient deaths and supporting relatives and doctors with the process of registering deaths.


Here is what they have to say about the service!

‘Speed of service is fantastic, particularly regarding referrals that require quick scrutiny i.e. faith deaths.’

‘Communication is excellent, friendly and informative. We are kept up to date once referrals are processed, and response time is appropriate and prompt. We are confidently able to call for advice, assured the team will know the answer to our query and be available to sense check information.’

‘We are grateful for the impartiality of the service – that our families, carers’ and wider service users feel able to speak openly about our service and give feedback both positively and constructively. These are often conversations we cannot have ourselves; being able to obtain reflective comments helps us to continually review and improve the quality of the service we provide.’

‘I have found the staff very approachable, knowledgeable, and supportive to our hospice staff to complete death paperwork. It is an extremely useful service, and saves us spending too much time looking up information about causes of death and grounds for coroner referral, also speeds up the information access to their medical records. Therefore, I hope you are able to continue with the service because I feel the hospice and the families benefit from it.’


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