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The purpose of immunisations is to provide you with protection against possible contact and subsequent infection from certain diseases. It is your employers responsibility to provide you with certain safeguards – immunisations against Occupational disease is one of them. However, it still remains your responsibility to keep a copy of any test, results or confirmation of treatments.

The need for vaccination relating to work should be determined by risk assessment. Where risks are identified, the Occupational Health Advisor can assess the immune status of individuals and vaccinate them as required. Evidence based advice can also be given where vaccination is declined or contra-indicated. Vaccination programmes will be designed to meet the requirements/guidance of the Department of Health in the UK and Public Health England.


The types of work where vaccination may be required are as follows;

  • Where there is likely exposure to human pathogens or biological toxins.
  • Where there is handling of human blood, serum or tissue specimens.
  • Where workers are in contact with human or animal waste.
  • Where workers travel outside of Australasia, America or Europe, a tailored travel heath assessment and specific travel vaccinations and advice may be required.
  • Where workers are placed in a clinical setting such as a hospital environment, hospice, or care home.
  • For fieldworkers, particularly outside the United Kingdom.
  • All professionals joining the NHS Performers list for NHS England.