Occupational Health offer advice on rehabilitation and placement in suitable work for those temporarily or permanently disabled by illness or injury. The Occupational Health emphasis is on modifying the work situation where appropriate to enable individuals to undertake the work required.

It may be necessary for our manager to refer you to Occupational Health following an episode of sickness or injury. The reasons for any referral should have been discussed with you either in person or by other means.

If a member of staff feels work is affecting their health or a health problem is affecting their work they should discuss with their line manager and human resources who can assist and support and make a referral to Occupational Health for advice.


Sickness Absence Management

Short Term Sickness Absence

It is important that employers take into account any medical issues in relation to the management of recurrent short term sickness absence. The role of Occupational Health is to identify any medical or lifestyle factors which may be contributing to poor health and to advise the employer and employee accordingly. Where there are not issues identified other factors may be discussed related to stress at home or work and advice on managing these is offered.


Long Term Sickness Absence

Absence in excess of 28 days (4 weeks) are usually due to significant health issues or injury. Occupational health is focused on help staff to return to work as soon as possible as this has been shown to be the best indicator for long term health and wellbeing. Rehabilitation to the workplace is supported by a number of approaches, including phased return to work programmes, flexible work patterns and restriction of duties, all of which the Occupational Health team will advise on, on a case by case basis.

In the event of an individual being unfit to return to their job, redeployment options will be recommended.


Further Information

Anyone who is injured or taken ill at work should initially seek help from their own departmental first aider or if the situation is more urgent, their nearest walk in centre or accident and emergency department. Equally, the Occupational Health Service is not a replacement for visiting your General Practitioner and will not be able to diagnose, treat or refer onwards for any problems not related to work. For musculoskeletal sickness or injury (physical ailments), there is an in-house Physiotherapy service that you can self-refer to for assistance with your rehabilitation. More information on this can be found here.

As well as providing advice on absence management, the Occupational Health Service will also provide advice on ill health retirement if you are a member of the NHS pension scheme.