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The main entrance to the Duchess of Kent Wing at Saint Peter's Hospital

You are ready to go home and medically fit, we will transfer you to the discharge lounge to wait for your lift/hospital transport. Things to make sure you have are:

  • Be clear about any medicines you are taking home with you. If in doubt, please ask a Nurse or Doctor.
  • Please check that you have taken home all your personal property.
  • Remind whoever is collecting you to bring any clothes you need for leaving the building, such as a coat or shoes.
  • Ask the Sister/Charge Nurse or Ward Clerk, in advance, for any medical certificates you may need, e.g. private insurance/health insurance claim forms.
  • If you need one, make sure you know the date and time of your follow-up outpatient's appointment.
  • Make sure you know any referrals to District Nurses or Care Agencies and when they may be coming.
  • Make sure you have a copy of your discharge summary.
  • Have you received appropriate medical advice following your illness, e.g. driving, diet, exercise and resuming normal activities


COVID-19 Recovery

The Therapies team at Ashford and St Peters have developed a range of resources to help you in your recovery following discharge from hospital with COVID-19.