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We know that coming into hospital can be a stressful time for you and the friends and family that care for you.

All of our staff pledge to put your needs first - it is part of our core values. In this section, we have information on how we can help. Whether it is to answer a query you have about your care and health information, or to assist you during a difficult time.

Do visit our coming to hospital area for more detailed guides. The your feedback section, will help you leave a comment, praise a member or staff, or learn more about our complaints section.




The Eternal Garden


The Eternal Garden will provide an indoor and outdoor space for our end-of-life patients to spend time with loved ones recounting memories, and for colleagues to use the space to deliver difficult news and decompress following a challenging day. The Eternal Garden can also be used by parents who are under the care of our Maternity and Neonatal services whose babies have sadly died or are receiving palliative end of life care.


Protecting Your Online Privacy
Protecting Your Online Privacy

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