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Please try to minimise the amount of property you bring in with you, as space is very limited.

There are no laundry facilities on the wards. Arrangements should be made for the washing of your clothes during your stay. If this is not possible, hospital nightdresses and pyjamas are sometimes available or a hospital gown will be provided. Any infected clothing will be destroyed.

The Trust can only be responsible for personal belongings signed over to them for safekeeping. It is advisable that you leave any valuables or items that are of sentimental value at home and bring in only a small amount of money for purchasing items such as newspapers, etc. If you bring in larger amounts of money, or valuables, you will be entirely responsible for their safekeeping.

The Trust will not accept any claim for loss or damage.

If you are moved to another area please make sure that you or a member of staff take all your personal belongings with you.


Electrical appliances

We ask that you keep electrical appliances to a minimum. All electrical equipment brought in to the hospital must be checked by Estates staff before it can be used. Hairdryers are available on some wards; please check with nursing staff. Please ask a member of staff to contact the Estates Department.


Protecting Your Online Privacy
Protecting Your Online Privacy

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