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You will normally require a pre-assessment prior to your operation to assess your suitability for Day Surgery.

On your Admission Letter, you will be advised if you need to attend for preassessment. The letter will tell you which hospital to attend for pre-assessment and which number to telephone to arrange your appointment.

If you require an interpreter, please ask a friend or relative to come with you or if you have special needs, please inform us at pre-assessment, or when you ring for your pre-assessment appointment.

At your pre-assessment, the nurse will weigh you, check your height, pulse, blood pressure and test a sample of your urine. If necessary, you may be asked to go for an X-ray, ECG and possibly blood tests.

The nurse will give you information about your admission (e.g. your operation or procedure, what to bring, what to expect after your discharge). You will also be given information leaflets about your operation or procedure. Please read these before your admission.

The pre-assessment will take approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour (depending on whether you need to go for any tests).


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