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The Department of Pastoral Care seeks to meet the pastoral, spiritual and religious needs of all patients, staff, volunteers and visitors, whether or not they belong to a particular faith community.

Contact details are given below. Members of the Team visit the wards regularly and can offer additional help in an emergency. They are also in touch with faith leaders in the local community.


Our Multi-Faith Centres

The Multi-Faith Centre at St. Peter’s Hospital is on the main level 3 link corridor, near to the Duchess of Kent entrance at the rear of the hospital.

The Multi-Faith Centre at Ashford Hospital is close to the main hospital entrance, to the left of the open foyer on the ground floor.

A warm welcome is extended to all staff, patients, visitors, volunteers and friends to use the Centre for reflection, quiet and prayer. There is a Multi-faith Prayer Room, a Chapel and a Quiet Room and an Ablutions Room for those who wish to observe ritual washing before prayer.

The Centre is open all day every day but for security reasons is locked at night. If you need access to the Centre after hours please contact Security (Bleep 5089 or via the Hospital Switchboard).

Prayer times and Services are advertised within the Centres.


Contacting the Chaplains

A Chaplain is normally available twenty-four seven and the “on call” Chaplain can be contacted via the Hospital Switchboard. Please make contact if you would like a visit from a member of the Team or from your chosen faith representative during your Hospital stay. Telephone numbers are given below or non-urgent messages may be left in the secure letter-box in the door of the Quiet Room at St. Peter’s Hospital or in the letter-box of the Pastoral Care Office at Ashford Hospital.

Peace be with you.


Useful Resources


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