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We are part of the Surrey Heartlands partnership of local health and care organisations; we’re all working together - doctors, nurses, other clinicians and staff - in partnership with local residents and patients to improve health and care services for local people.

We’re really excited about our plans which bring together health and social care so we can make better and more sensible plans to keep our services improving and working well into the future.

A local area map showing the Surrey Heartlands healthcare providers

In particular, we are doing three things we think will make a big difference:

    1. Devolution – greater control of budgets and accountability for the decisions we make locally
    2. Developing a Clinical Academy – so all local people have access to the best and most innovative care
    3. Citizen engagement – engaging and involving local people on a scale we’ve not done before


Surrey Heartlands Health and Care Partnership now has its own website where you can find all the current information. To find out more please go to www.surreyheartlands.uk or download the patient leaflet.


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