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For patients with bowel related conditions.

You may be sent these videos if you have been referred to pelvic health physiotherapy for one of the following reasons:

  • Constipation - passing a bowel motion less than 3 times a week or passing hard sausage-shaped stools or small hard lumps.
  • Difficulty opening the bowels - spending more than 15 minutes on the toilet to empty, needing to strain, having to put a finger into the rectum or vagina, or push on the pelvic area to get the bowels to move.
  • Feeling of incomplete emptying - having a sensation that the rectum is not empty, opening the bowels several times a day but small amounts, feeling of not being satisfied.
  • Faecal urgency - going to the toilet to defecate more than 3 times per day or finding the urge to defecate difficult to control.
  • Faecal urge incontinence - involuntary loss of faeces associated with a strong desire to defecate.
  • Post-defecation incontinence - involuntary loss of faeces immediately after or sometime after having a bowel motion.


Educational resources - this video is designed to help provide an overview of things that may impact your gut symptoms and discusses ways you can help to change these.


Relaxation resources:


Strengthening exercises:


Stretching exercises:


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