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Hospitals are the right place to be when you are in need of specific medical or surgical treatment. Staying in hospital for longer than needed increases the risk of acquiring infection and reduces your mobility.

Beds are needed for people who require emergency admission or are waiting for surgery. You can contact the discharge Team between 9am and 5pm on 01932-723591.


What happens when I am admitted to hospital?

You will be advised of when your Expected Discharge Date is likely to be. This is the date by which we expect your medical treatment to be complete. It’s important to have a date that you, your family and the staff can work towards to ensure a safe and timely discharge.


Things you can do to help speed up your recovery:

  • Stay as mobile as possible – even if this is just standing up from your chair
  • Stay hydrated by sipping water throughout the day

Ask staff for any mobility or sensory aids that you normally use.


Although hospitals are safe places to have medical care, patients who stay in hospital for a long time are more likely to:

  • Become weaker and less physically able
  • Develop an infection or complications

Also, people who are waiting for surgery or a procedure may have this cancelled if there is no bed available.


Transfer of care

As your condition improves during your stay in Ashford and St. Peter’s NHS Hospital Trust, and you no longer require an acute bed and you are medically ready for discharge but are not able to return home as you may need some support at home. At this point you will be moved to our Intermediate Care Ward (Wordsworth), at Ashford Hospital. Here you will continue to receive on going nursing and Therapy care. If there is no bed capacity to be moved to Wordsworth Ward you may be referred to a bed into one of our Community Hospitals either at Walton or Woking where you will stay until support is ready for your discharge.



If you are assessed by the Physiotherapist/ Occupational Therapist as meeting the criteria for Rehab you will be referred to the Community Hospital for a period of rehabilitation (your name may need to be put on a waiting list until an appropriate bed becomes available). We try to transfer you to a community as near as possible to your home, but we cannot always guarantee this. Our community Rehabilitation beds are located at Woking and Walton Community Hospitals. It is important for you to continue your rehab in the community hospitals wherever the bed availability is.


Reablement and Rapid Response Team

If you have been assessed by the Occupational Therapist / Physiotherapist as needing a short term/ skills gain programme on discharge then you will be referred to this service. This is a short term service that is offered to patients who are requiring support in their own homes on discharge from hospital.


Transport Home

Hospital transport can only be provided for patients who have a medical need. If you do not meet this criteria please make sure you have informed a relative or friend that you will be discharged so they can arrange transport on your behalf. If you are being transferred out of area, and do not have a medical need, you will be expected to pay for transport. The trust is able to obtain competitive quotes if required.


Day of Discharge

On your day of discharge we expect your bed to be vacated where possible by 10am. A trained nurse will explain all your medication to you that you need to take on discharge and you will be given a copy of your discharge letter. This will be sent electronically to your GP. Any medication that was brought in on admission will be returned to you on discharge. If you are not able to leave the ward by 10am, we will send you to the Discharge Lounge while you await transport and where the discharge process will be completed.


Checking that everything is ready at home

  • Do people know you are coming home?
  • Do you have a key?
  • Have you got sufficient food in the house?
  • Is the heating turned on?


What if I cannot manage at home and need to consider alternative options?

If you are unable to find a suitable home or there is a delay with the vacancy, it will not be possible for you to remain in hospital for more than a short period.

Therefore, until a place becomes available, you will be expected to move to an alternative home until the one of your choice becomes available. The hospital will issue a Protocol of Choice Letter to this effect.


Housing and Homelessness

If you are facing any issues with housing/ homelessness, please ask to see one of discharge team.


After discharge – useful information Services provided by the borough councils:

Community alarm - help provided day or night at the touch of a button, via either a necklace or wrist bracelet. Friendly staff will call out the emergency services, GP, friends/relatives, as appropriate.


For further information contact the Borough councils:

01483 755855

01784 451499

01372 474552

01932 425868