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Venue: Room 3, Education Centre, Ashford Hospital

11.00am to 1.30pm

Agenda – Open Session


  Action Lead Report
  Declaration of Interest in the proceedings      
1 Apologies      
2 Minutes Decision AM Paper 2.0
3 Matters Arising      
3.1 Action Log Decision AM Paper 3.1
4 Reports      
4.1 Chairman's Report Receive AM Paper 4.1
4.2 Chief Executive’s Report Receive VB Paper 4.2
5 Performance      
5.1 Performance Report Assurance RP Paper 5.1
5.2 Balanced Scorecard Assurance HC / LM / SM Paper 5.2
5.3 Financial Management Committee Minutes Receive NA Paper 5.3
5.4 National Staff Survey 2015 - Next Steps Approve LM Paper 5.4
6 Quality and Safety      
6.1 QAPC Minutes Receive PB Paper 6.1
6.2 Quality Report Assurance DF / RW Paper 6.2
6.3 Draft Quality Account Priorities 2016/17 Approve RW Paper 6.3
6.4 Safer Staffing Report Assurance RW Paper 6.4
6.5 Trust Risk Register Assurance MI / RW Paper 6.5
7 Regulatory      
7.1 Trust Seal Note LD Paper 7.1
7.2 Information Governance Toolkit Receive SM Paper 7.2
7.3 Revision to the Constitution Approve AM Paper 7.3
7.4 Standing Orders for the practice and procedure of the board of directors Approve LD Paper 7.4
7.5 Organ Donation Annual Report Receive AM Paper 7.5
8 Any Other Business      
9 Questions from the Public      

Next meeting:
28th April 2016, St Peter's Hospital



Upcoming Meetings

In respect of the restrictions introduced by the Government to limit the spread of COVID-19; since early 2020 face-to-face meetings involving members of the public have been replaced with online meetings.

In line with easing of restrictions, we are working towards reintroducing meetings in public and wish to do so in the safest possible way.

Our next Board meeting is on 2nd December 2021.

The papers for the 30th September board meeting are available here along with a video recording.