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  1. We advise patients to attend all their pre-surgery appointments to avoid delay in their assessment process.
  2. We do not offer surgery to any one actively smoking (need to have stopped smoking at least 6 months prior to the offer of surgery)
  3. Continue to be abstinent from smoking after surgery otherwise there is an increased risk of ulcers, stricture and malabsorption
  4. Alcohol consumption prior to surgery should be within 14 units per week, as per national guidelines.
  5. Avoid drinking alcohol for a year after surgery.
  6. Patients are encouraged to follow Healthy eating and Vitamin & mineral supplement guidelines to avoid serious complications due to lack of vitamins and minerals or protein in the body.
  7. Patients are recommended to attend post-surgery follow up appointments for 2 years to monitor for any serious complications and to aid your personal goals.
  8. For female patients, we advise conversion of oral contraceptives to non-oral form following discussion with your general practitioners.

We strongly advise to avoid pregnancy for 18 months after surgery as it may have very serious effects on the mother and foetus (death).

  • We encourage our patients to contact the bariatric office should there be any concern with your health after surgery.

We strongly advise you to disclose relevant information regarding your medical, social, psychological, physical and other conditions which will help us to provide you with the best care possible. Failing to disclose any information may have deleterious effects on the outcome of your surgery.


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Protecting Your Online Privacy

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