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On your arrival, you will be greeted by our Receptionist and / or a Nurse; the person accompanying you will not be encouraged to stay and you will be asked to sit and wait in our single sex Admission’s Area for a short while until the nursing staff admit you.

Please note that the time you are asked to arrive in your letter is not the time at which you will have your operation or procedure.

After you have been admitted by one of the Nurses, you may be asked to change into a hospital theatre gown (depending on your procedure). We would ask that you wear clean cotton underwear.

Your Surgeon and Anaesthetist will come to see you to discuss your operation or procedure. The Surgeon will ask you to sign a consent form. Please read this carefully before you sign and do not be afraid to ask the doctors any questions you may have.

You may have to wait for some time before your procedure. We suggest you bring a book or magazine to read to help pass the time.

Please note that the Day Surgery Unit Admissions and Ward Areas are separated into male and female single sex areas.

The Day Surgery Unit has individual patient consultation rooms for private discussions. Privacy and dignity is respected at all times.