Flu fighting on the ward

The seasonal flu campaign is well underway at Ashford and St Peter's, and whilst it has been relatively mild and we are yet to see any widespread flu outbreaks; preparation for winter and the associated pressures has been ongoing for some time. Planning to avoid flu illness and infection for staff, patients, and carers, is very much a part of this.

This year we have 25 Peer Vaccinators from various divisions who have been doing a really great job of vaccinating colleagues within their work areas, making it as quick and efficient as possible for people. In addition to this, Occupational Health are running a drop in flu clinic at both St Peter's and Ashford. Ashford and St Peter's Medical Director, David Fluck, recently spoke about the importance of being vaccinated on BBC Radio Surrey - if you'd like to listen, the link is here (if you'd like to skip straight to David's part it's at 1hr 12mins). If you'd like to receive the flu vaccination, speak to your GP or pharmacy - it is free for certain individuals, take a look at the NHS website for further information.