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What is Chaucer Ward?

Chaucer Ward, located at Ashford Hospital, is a 14 bedded rehabilitation unit, devoted to the care of patients following a stroke and other neurological conditions.


Who will I meet on Chaucer Ward?

The Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) work closely together to provide a 24 hour rehabilitation approach. Members of the team are described below:-

  1. Nursing Staff: Nurses are involved in all aspects of your care. They work closely with the therapists, promoting your independence in the ward environment throughout the 24 hour period.
  2. Medical team: Dr. Mandal is the medical consultant for Chaucer Ward, with a team of doctors taking care of your daily medical needs. Ward rounds are conducted every Monday and Thursday.
  3. Speech and Language Therapists: You may be experiencing problems such as slurred speech, difficulty finding words, understanding others, reading, writing or swallowing. A speech and language therapist will provide support, advice.
  4. Dietician: Your food intake may be reduced because of problems with swallowing, so the dietician will give advice about your nutritional needs.
  5. Physiotherapists: Physiotherapy aims to regain as movement as possible and cope with any remaining difficulties after your stroke.
  6. Occupational Therapists (OT): OT will offer advice and recommendations on how to manage practical tasks following a stroke. It may also be necessary for an Occupational Therapist to visit your home to assess your home environment and recommend changes or provide equipment.
  7. Care worker: A care worker is available to provide information and advice regarding support at home, funding issues and arranging care packages throughout your stay on Chaucer and following discharge from the hospital.


Do the team meet regularly?

Yes. The team meet every Thursday at the MDT meeting (multidisciplinary meeting) to discuss progress made with each patient and plans for discharge.


How can we meet with the team?

The ward should arrange a meeting for you and your family to attend, with all the team present. This will be once you have started your rehabilitation and set your goals, which is approximately 2 weeks after your admission to Chaucer ward.

Therapists are also available in a “Drop in session” on Wednesdays from 15.00 – 16.00 hours, so that your family can ask any questions they may have about your rehabilitation.

Please add your name to the list on the therapy board.


How do I wash my clothes?

The hospital is unable to wash personal items of clothing, and we ask that relatives take home clothes for washing. Dirty clothes will be placed in white carrier bags for collection.


What are "rehabilitation dates"?

Rehabilitation dates are set at the MDT meeting and are then written up on to the white board behind the nurses’ station. These are the dates at which the therapists expect to have completed your rehabilitation on Chaucer Ward. During this period your discharge will be planned and arrangements for ongoing rehabilitation in the community will be made and discussed with you.


When can my family visit?

Visiting times are between 15.00 – 16.30 and 18.00 – 20.00 hours Monday to Sunday. We request that no more than 2 visitors attend your bedside. You may still have therapy sessions scheduled for the afternoon and visitors may need to check your timetable before attending. Children are permitted to attend at the discretion of the nurse in charge.


What are protected mealtimes?

To ensure you are not distracted or rushed with your meals, you will not be expected to attend therapy sessions between 12 noon and 13.00 hours, visiting will also be discouraged.


What will I need?

You will find it helpful to have toiletries, nightwear, day clothes (choose clothes which are loose fitting, comfortable and suitable for therapy), comfortable flat shoes or trainers, slippers (with a grip on the bottom) and a small amount of money should you wish to purchase from the shop trolley.

Please make sure that as many items as possible are labeled with your name.


What will I do during my stay?

You are encouraged to attend two groups daily which include social group, exercise group and arm therapy.

These are held in the gym and dayroom on the ward. In addition each patient has an individual timetable for the week, which will be above your bed.


Do patients keep in touch after discharge?

We have a very active and supportive stroke club – Ashford Stroke Klub (ASK) who meet every third Monday of the month between 14.00 and 16.00 hours. ASK provide support for people who have been through a similar situation, and have guest speakers each month. For further information please call 01784 884003.


What is the key worker scheme?

In order to facilitate communication between patients, families and the MDT, we allocate one therapist and one nurse to each patient as they “key worker”. These staff members will be seeing you regularly and would be the first contact to answer any questions you, or your family, may have.


What amenities are there at Ashford Hospital?

‘Choices’ Restaurant, which serves a variety of hot food and drink, is located on the ground floor.

The ‘Atrium’ League of Friends coffee shop is located on the first floor, in the outpatient department. This shop arranges for a trolley to visit the wards. We also have an aware winning garden, which is accessed via the gym, for you to enjoy.


Useful sources of information

The Stroke Association website: www.stroke.org.uk
0845 3033100 (helpline)

Different Strokes website: www.differentstrokes.co.uk
0845 130 7172 (helpline)

A Guide to Physiotherapy for Stroke Patients on Chaucer Ward
Available on line or please take a copy from the therapy board, Chaucer ward.


Who do I contact if I have any concerns or comments?

The ward sister will be happy to listen to any concerns you may have about your care on Chaucer Ward. If the ward sister is not available, please speak to Sue Hardy based on Chaucer Ward, Matron at Ashford Hospital.